From the world of the physical, to the unseen world of Spirit, all is a woven web of essential, life-giving energy, that is constantly creating the landscape of our lives.


When this vital life energy becomes exhausted or restricted, the body,mind & spirit activate natural distress signals to preserve life -

distress signals that manifest as pain, discomfort & dis-ease.

Laura Jane intuitively interprets energy flow, identifies areas of disharmony & channels Divine healing energy into the client. Individualized treatments stimulate the innate & infinite wisdom of the client's energy field, promoting the natural ability to heal from within & facilitate the client's self healing process. 




Five Element Acupuncture  [Lic.Ac]
Integrated Energy Therapy  [Advanced Level]
Usui Reiki & Kundalini Reiki [Master]
Remote/Distance Healing: How does it work? 


Any inquiry will be responded to within 24 hours. 

Phone: 087.719.7848 


Location: Oak Tree Holistic Center, Athlone, Co. Westmeath



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"My treatment with Laura was one of a kind & wholeheartedly life changing. As Laura & I began, I shared & chatted about my concerns. She was able to see me & nourish my needs, even when I was unable to articulate them. She held space with me as the treatment went on, communicating each step of the process.

I felt as if I was given a gift of my own power & was reunited with myself once again. After my treatment, I had the courage to change what I needed to in order to reach my goals with hope! Laura helped me clear my blockages, have clear thoughts and allowed me to continue to let go of what no longer served me. I will most definitely be back to see her!"

—  Rea D., Yoga Instructor


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