There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you  - Maya Angelou


I offer a psycho spiritual approach to support women in claiming optimal health, wholeness & Divinity, facilitating compassionate discussion, acupuncture & intuitive energy work.  

I specialize in fertility, emotional & mental health, death & dying. 

When our grief cannot be spoken, it falls into the shadow & re-arises in us as discomfort & disease. Treatments honor & welcome the individual and collective grief of women, grant space & time to it, giving birth to our most authentic life. 


Together, we tend to the root of separation from Self, reclaim the parts of you that have been deemed unworthy & gently reframe your perspective on life. We co create a transformational alchemical journey of healing, from the inside out.

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and here you are living 

despite it all 

- Rupi Kaur