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The kind of rest you seek, you will not find from sleeping, but from waking

- A Course in Miracles


An intuitive healer & psycho spiritual teacher, Laura Jane facilitates deep healing, personal transformation & self realization through individual treatments & group workshops. 

Each of us is here to awaken & embody the authentic expression our Soul's purpose. This a continuous cycle of death & rebirth, creation & destruction. We are often quick to favor the resurrection & not fully embrace the chaotic glory of the crucifixion.


Healing is wholeness & to heal, we must feel, making personal transformation & the journey of self realization very difficult at times. It can break hearts, shatter old dreams & often leave us feeling vulnerable & tenderized. 


The path the Soul would have us follow is worthy & deserving of companionship, of feeling felt, seen & understood, as you courageously mine for the gold in the darkest of caves. From this space, the relentless, creative nature of unconditional Love can emerge & offer a path that leads to a purposeful, meaningful & authentic way of Being in the world. A path where the whispers of our Soul & the wisdom of our Higher Self lead us on our Way.  

Unprocessed trauma & wounding arises in us as discomfort & disease - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - over time by tending to the root of separation from Higher Self, reclaiming the parts that have been deemed unworthy & gently reframe perspective on life. A co creative alchemical journey of healing, from the inside out, will anchor life in the Heart & bring you into alignment with empowered states of peace, joy & abundance. 

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and here you are living 

despite it all 

- Rupi Kaur

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