Areas of Expertise

Five Element Acupuncture

Five Element Acupuncture is a millennia old medicine rooted in a philosophy that identifies people as an integral part of Nature. 

Nature relies on rhythmic cycles & flow of universal energy called Qi (pronounced chee) to grow & evolve. The goal is always to thrive, survive & operate optimally. When disruptions occur it creates a ripple effect that can have far-reaching consequences.

Similarly, within people, when the rhythm & flow of Qi becomes slow, blocked or disrupted it can manifest as a variety of symptoms like pain, physiological dysfunction, infertility, depression & dis-ease. 

​With a focus on the root cause of dis-ease, fine, sterile needles are inserted at specific points on the body, Qi can be strengthened & stimulated, rhythm & flow restored, thus relieving symptoms & pain. 

Integrated Energy Therapy

Integrated Energy Therapy provides a gentle way to stimulate the flow of Qi within the human body. Targeting the body's cellular memory & energy field, the primary objective to clear "issues out of your tissues" that are limiting life experiences. 

The IET practitioner is a compassionate channel for Divine healing energy, in a process that is self directing, self regulating & in accordance with the needs of the recipient.  

Using light hand placement on the patient's body, Integrated Energy Therapy facilitates the safe & gentle release of limiting energy patterns from the past, empowers & balances life in the present & clears an energetic path at the cellular level, so the client can embody their full potential, moving into a healthy & happy future. ​


According to The Yellow Emperors Classic of Internal Medicine, there are thirty two different vibrations of vital life energy that flow throughout the Universe. 

Reiki is high vibration, spiritually guided life force energy, that is extremely powerful & healing in nature. It provides access to the unlimited light-filled energy within & in our Universe. 

Using light hand placement, the Reiki practitioner channels Reiki energy & provides a special way of directing this specific energy into the patient, restoring balance & harmony into the life of the patient, life of others and the planet. 

Reiki supports the body's natural ability to heal & adjusts according to the need of the recipient on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual level. 

My Approach

The patient's willingness to actively participate in the healing process is important for success. Our journey is a collaborative one & together we will co-create your health. A minimum commitment of three treatments is required for new patients. 

A best practice recommendation for long term benefits after this introductory period, are weekly appointments until symptoms begin to subside, at which point the frequency of treatments can be reduced.

These modalities work best when we allow each treatment to cumulatively build on the success of the one prior. The ultimate objective is to get each individual requiring monthly treatments to maintain balance & harmony. 


What should you expect from a 90 minute treatment? 

The first treatment we will discuss some of your health history & primary concerns. Following this there will be a full reset & detoxification of the body's vital life energy, using ancient needling techniques & light, hands on healing methods.

Each treatment there after will involve continued discussion, Integrated Energy Therapy & Five Element Acupuncture. This highly individualized, combination treatment is an intuitively guided, healing experience facilitating the release of energetic imprints & patterns, assisting each client to continue to move through their discomfort, pain or feelings of isolation from Self and others.

With each treatment greater insights are revealed, new levels of awareness reached, greater emotional well-being & physical re-balancing as old energetic patterns - conscious & subconscious - are shed.   

Free phone consultations available for a brief discussion of primary concern(s), what you would like to achieve from the treatments & what to expect from Laura Jane. This consultation is designed to create assurance & excitement for the journey to improved balance & harmony. 


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