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Acupuncture to heal the individual. Group treatments to heal the community. 

The practice of community acupuncture is a radical & revolutionary movement in the Western world, intended to greatly increase access to acupuncture treatments by removing the barrier of cost. 

As with any intentional group endeavor, the shared group state during an appointment makes the efficacy of individual treatments even more potent. 


What to expect

Multiple women quietly receive a treatment, at the same time. 
Appointments last 45 minutes, there is no undressing, all points needled are located on the forearms/hands & lower legs/feet.  

Sliding scale payment option: 10 Euro - 25 Euro. 

Pay what you can, in this Now moment. No questions asked or proof of income required.  

Access to frequent treatments with consistent monthly clinic hours offered.


Space is limited, pre-booking required.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions we currently cannot offer community acupuncture clinics, future dates will be offered. 

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