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What's the greatest lesson a woman should learn?

that since day one, she's already had everything

she needs within herself. it's the world that

convinced her she did not.  

- Rupi Kaur 

I'm a Soul Activist - on a journey of a self realization.

Exploring a more conscious way of living by embracing the two

things that give my life most meaning - an ever evolving

relationship with Birth & Death.

I lived a very successful life of false belonging for much of my

adult life, a master in my ability to chase the horizon. Running

away from past hurt, avoiding the present, with eyes only on the

future. Waiting for permission from the external world to take

my place. Waiting for permission to be truly seen. It took a

serious bicycle accident in 2015, that left me wheelchair bound

for several weeks, to wake up to my truth. Within me was a void

& I was complicit in its creation. 

This lack of connection to my authentic Self & to All That Is, was my impetus for change. It was time to stop running, it was time for death, rebirth & becoming. The once silenced voice of the wild woman within was urging me to explore, travel, grow, learn & embrace uncertainty. I embarked on a journey of deep inner work, exploration of Divine, the anatomy of Spirit, body energy systems & human behavior, a journey that continues today. 

The most important gift that emerged from this forced respite in the prime years of my professional career, was an apprenticeship with grief. The energy & time I invested in repressing, ignoring & disowning parts of me I perceived as weak & shameful could no longer be avoided with "career building". The pain & hurt from life experiences that had been stuffed into the void hoping they would disappear, could no longer remain hidden. In turning & honoring my grief I was freed from my isolating prison within. What became available was time, space & energy for the great work of creating a life of Love. 

I practice as a Death Doula, Integrated Energy Therapist & Five Element Acupuncturist. I am also currently devoted to pursuing studies in Ministry for Self Ascension & Bach Flower Essences. I specialize in fertility, emotional & mental health & Death. Appointments are intuitively guided, with each treatment offering what is needed in that Now moment, typically a session includes a combination of compassionate discussion & hands on healing. For those at the end of life, arrangements can be made to travel for appointments. 


I am here to support courageous women in transformation. To Witness your grief & explore gratitude. To activate the innate healing wisdom of your entire energy system and support you so you can gently take responsibility for wellbeing, claim your Divine Self & discover everything you need, is already within.   

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