Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth & death, a dance of change  

- Sogyal Rinpoche

Appointments are 90 minutes.

Cost: 75 euro. 

My approach to deep transformation is one of adult responsibility & loving compassion. 

When vital life energy is restricted & exhausted our complex body systems gives us distress signals in the form of pain, discomfort & disease. We must answer these distress calls with full awareness, it is a unique opportunity for evolution & growth.

Discussion takes about 30 minutes, the remaining appointment time is used for hands on treatment. Integrated Energy Therapy clears & balances your energy field, releases trapped emotions & removes deep energetic blocks (conscious & subconscious), it involves light touch on the head, neck, shoulders & upper body. You are fully clothed.

This is followed by Five Element Acupuncture, a minimal amount of very fine needles are inserted at acupuncture points & quickly removed, needles are not typically retained in the Five Element tradition. 

When we invite grief in as our teacher, have our story Witnessed, work deeply on the energy body & reconnect to All That Is, we create a feeling of empowerment on this daring adventure that is Life! An adventure that is sometimes hard, sometimes scary but always beautiful

However, the beauty can often be tainted by our personal experiences around trauma & grief but with support & the creation of a safe space to call on your inner reserves of vulnerability & courage, you can return to wholeness & Love which to me, is synonymous, with to improved health & well being. 

Art by Rupi Kaur