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Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth & death, a dance of change  

- Sogyal Rinpoche

Appointments are 60 mins/75 euro or 90 mins/95 euro. 
Appointments are offered as distance healings & in person. 

So practically, what is happening when you feel unwell or out of sorts? 

When vital life energy is restricted & exhausted our complex body systems gives us distress signals in the form of pain, discomfort & disease. We must answer these distress calls with full awareness, it is a unique opportunity for evolution & growth.

Discussion takes about 30 minutes, the remaining appointment time is used for hands on treatment. Intuitively guided we clear & balance your energy field, release trapped emotions & removes deep energetic blocks (conscious & subconscious), it involves light touch on the head, neck, shoulders & upper body. You are fully clothed.

This is followed by Five Element Acupuncture, a minimal amount of very fine needles are inserted at acupuncture points & quickly removed, needles are not typically retained in the Five Element tradition. 

When we have our story Witnessed, work deeply on the energy body & reconnect to Divine, we create a feeling of empowerment on this daring adventure that is Life. With support & the creation of a safe space to call on your inner reserves of vulnerability & courage, you can return to wholeness & Love which is synonymous, with to improved health & well being. 

How many sessions do I need? 

Best practice recommendation: Three weekly treatments, followed by a pair of bi monthly treatments. At this point, we will re-evaluate where you are/how you are feeling, how close you are to your goals & determine if you should continue with another pair of bi monthly treatments or make the shift in to monthly appointments.  

This is a guide, not a requirement. Every individual is on their own journey - the key is consistency - do not feel discouraged if you cannot commit to this recommendation, what is right for you is right for you. 

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Art by Rupi Kaur

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