Life is nothing but a continuing dance of birth & death, a dance of change  

- Sogyal Rinpoche

Appointments are 90 minutes - in person or distance healing (via zoom). 

Cost: 75 euro. 

My approach to deep transformation is one of adult responsibility & loving compassion. 

When vital life energy is restricted & exhausted our complex body systems gives us distress signals in the form of pain, discomfort & disease. We must answer these distress calls with full awareness, it is a unique opportunity for spiritual growth. A unique opportunity for Death & Rebirth. 

Each session includes giving voice to your journey, we will honor your grief.

Discussion is typically about 30 - 45 minutes. The remaining time is utilized for a healing session.

For distance healing, we will speak first, then you will need to have a space where you can quietly lie down undisturbed for 30-40 minutes & we will reconnect via zoom afterwards, so I can share what came up during the session. 

Integrated Energy Therapy clears & balances your energy field, releases trapped emotions & removes deep energetic blocks (conscious & subconscious), it involves light touch on the head, neck, shoulders & upper body. You are fully clothed.


We conclude with a grounding acupuncture treatment, a minimal amount of very fine needles are inserted & quickly removed, needles are typically not retained in the Five Element tradition. There may be occasion where different techniques will be utilized that require needles to be retained for 10-20 minutes, but a conversation about comfort level will always occur before this. 

When we invite Death in as our teacher, have your story Witnessed, work deeply on the energy body & reconnect to All That Is, we create a feeling of empowerment on this daring adventure that is Life! An adventure - regardless of the trauma & grief we carry - where we come to recognize we are the final arbiters of our destiny. We are not victims. There is always have a choice to return to wholeness & Love, I am simply here to support you each step of the way. 

Art by Rupi Kaur

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